Recent Work - India, Russia and Azerbaijan Outsourcing

We offer complete support for all of your outsourcing needs. Whether you want to get started with just a few consulates or you wish to outsource your operations for the whole world, Travisa Outsourcing, Inc. can help. Here are a few of the countries we are currently servicing.

Starting October 1, 2007 we provided support for India across all of its consulates and the Embassy for the entire United States. All those wishing to travel to India from the United States had to apply at one of our five offices in New York, Houston, San Francisco, Chicago or Washington, DC. As of June 18, 2012 we provide dedicated outsourcing support for the Embassy of Azerbaijan.

Travelers complete a state of the art online application that validates all the information they need to successfully and quickly process their visa applications. Travelers print those applications and send them in to our offices with all of their supporting documents. We quickly process the application and supporting documents, bundle them for transportation to the local consulate and then return the completed visa to the applicant after checking for accuracy.

We provide complete real-time status checking for all travelers and email updates throughout the process to keep the applicant informed. We answer all of the support questions of any sort for the travelers both through email and over the phones. This process enables the consulate staff to quickly and accurately process the visa applications and gives them more time to focus on other consular matters.

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